Our Services

Our Services

Our Services:

Purchase Assistance:

  • Mediation of business premises such as restaurants, offices, shopping areas and apartment complexes;
  • Full takeover of ongoing businesses, inventory and acquisition of leases;
  • Sales And acquisition of companies and business transfers;
  • Capabilities in corporate finance, business plans, permits and Insurance mapping;
  • Grounded make investment recommendations based on annual figures and other corporate data.

Specialist in commercial real estate and brokerage business transfers in Curacao.

Rentals & Sales Support:

we are happy to also help you find the right way to put the property through the best sales channels in sales. Because especially in these times you have to be very creative and flexible.

We not only mediate rental or sale of real estate but also help with the transfer of movable assets, goodwill, current contracts and all in upcoming issues surrounding a business transfer.

In addition, the social media and the Internet are also very important.

In short, we like to watch it what marketing actions would be to sell the property.

In most cases will be selected for a silent sales, since you want the business going during the sales process.

Business Advice:

We have over 20 years of experience from practice in a wide variety of different industries o.a .: marketing, construction, hospitality, accommodation and brokerage.

We are independent and like to look together with the client to solve a particular problem. By a fresh and sober helicopter view with a hands-on mentality we can propose realistic ideas which are really feasible and mostly can provide an immediate solution to the problem that has arisen.

If you want a completely independent reliable partner for advice as entrepreneur / owner, or you need a mediator for negotiations stalled, then you’ve come to the right place.

The big difference with us are short lines of communication so that we can act quickly and effectively with our expertise and experience. If necessary we can also expertise through our partners switch which can be quickly given an expert focused advice.

Because certainly at the start and the transfer of a company advice is generally very desirable.

With the right expert advice before the transfer can prevent a lot of suffering.

We have decided that we want to keep the overhead and other operating expenses so we can have prices that give the right mix in the market of price and quality.

The philosophy is that word of mouth is priceless, and you just help your customer in a correct and clear way that it will bear fruit.

Contact us for an informal conversation, because we can quickly assess the intake or we for you “address”.

Our price proposition is not only wise but also affordable.

Tandem Management:

this is definitely a first step towards direct improvement of the current management that we can support the Director / Manager in the daily tasks and discuss the various options open with him so we help out with a fresh look on management issues.

Goals or targets again become clear, efficiency improvements can be achieved and give further advice: policy, expansion plans, personnel management and marketing plans.

We work in a discreet manner so that when customers and staff no unrest arises what could be again harm the company. The term “tandem management” works in most cases better than the deployment of an interim manager, because peace in the management and the staff gives a better and faster result.

With active cooperation you get a lot more done and we are, therefore, that it is going to be really carried by consciously making.

Of course there are exceptions but that is quite clear to us, as we start a task if there is no win / win in can be achieved!

Our interest is that we bring something, and accept an open and honest engagement. We have specifically focused on the “Hospitality and Leisure” industry

Contact us for a free intake, which we can personally discuss the possibilities.